Onias III

(fl. 2nd cent BCE)
   High priest, grandson of Onias II. Simeon, an official in the Temple, demanded from Onias the post of market commis-sioner, which was in his gift. When his petition was refused, Simeon revealed to Appollonius, the commander of the Syrian army, that the treasures of King Seleucus of Syria were being held in the Temple vaults. Seleucus then sent his chancellor Heliodorus to remove them. When his mission failed, Onias fell out of favour with his Syrian overlords. After Antiochus IV Epiphanes ascended the throne, Onias was summoned to Antioch and his brother Jason became high priest in his place. Later Jason was replaced by Menelaus, who was an extreme Hellenizer.

Dictionary of Jewish Biography. .

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